Unlimited Group

The UNLIMITED Group is an insight-based, tech-enabled, integrated agency group. With over 600 talented minds, the agency delivers specialist and impactful work to both B2B and B2C clients in a range of industries across Europe and Asia. This includes tech, finance, travel, healthcare and automotive, and their award-winning work uses Human Understanding through the entire customer lifecycle. The Group’s work is creative and purpose-driven for multi-channel markers, and UNLIMITED is a leader in healthcare communications. The UNLIMITED Group, comprised of several different agencies, aim to improve brand and campaign performance. Splendid UNLIMITED – specialising in design and development – serve as the group’s digital division. Splendid helps businesses meet their objectives through behaviour-led insights that help boost performance. It’s called Digital Made Human. The Splendid team create websites, apps and design enhanced user experience for their customers. Through creativity, strategy and human understanding, the UNLIMITED Group drives business results