Tobania NV

Tobania was created by the 2014 merger of TOBIUS and SAGA Consulting Group, making it one of the largest, most influential ICT resourcing players in the Belgian ICT market. Tobania is also one of the largest Microsoft solution integrators, a premium open source solutions center, and the leading expert in the development of mobile, web, cloud and business apps. Tobania currently offers the expertise of more than 500 ICT experts; their solutions are widely implemented locally, regionally and nationally in the fields of banking, financial services, utilities, healthcare, manufacturing, government and social administration. We deliver websites, intranet and extranet solutions all related to digital and online communication projects. Our company is active in different ranges from government till private companies. We implement Drupal with the latest available version, but in a way that an update to the next version is not possible by itself. This is why we have a strong competitive advantage. The additional advantage is that this only has a limited impact on the migration to a next version. In addition the client knows immediately that he has a stable version and he can take advantage of the evolution of the platform, when the growing pains are already taken care of by the community. We have acquired lots of experience in Drupal projects in which customization is an important asset. We use Drupal more as a platform, rather than as a product. That is why we can offer a lot of added value to our customers.