Taoti Creative, Inc.

Taoti (which is an acronym for “The Art of The Internet”) was born out of a 1996 dorm room at Juniata College and has since evolved into a full-service creative agency with more than 65 employees and a worldwide client base. In 2004, we made our home base of operations in Washington, DC and haven’t looked back. More than 80% of our more than 400 clients choose to continue working with us after our initial engagement. We have staying power, and we love the work it allows us to do. Taoti is a premier DC digital agency. We are focused and established in building effective, results-driven websites. We are respected experts in open source content management systems (CMS) such as Drupal and WordPress. We’re deeply invested in the DC community and uniquely understand the needs of organizations working within and across the public and private sectors. We are well versed in navigating challenges related to federal procurement, government relations, policy and advocacy, membership-driven revenue, and chapter management. This means we have expertise in meeting the specific needs of membership-based organizations, including integrations with key tools such as association management systems (AMS), learning management systems (LMS), event platforms, and donations and dues payment systems. We are proud to serve as digital partners to a variety of industry-leading nonprofit associations such as American Bakers Association, USTelecom, US Figure Skating, Farm Credit Council, National Association of Counties, Geothermal Rising (formerly Geothermal Resources Council), Heart Rhythm Society, Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials, International Association of Chiefs of Police, American Academy for the Advancement of Science, and American Chemical Society. Company Philosophy & Goals To us, DC is so much more than a government town. It is the cultural epicenter of our country, where people from around the world come to share their views. It is a melting pot of different experiences and identities, and we love that this allows us to truly be a local, national and international agency. We’ve solved problems and moved needles for important organizations near and far. We are a group of dreamers, makers, and doers who are passionate about more than just our award-winning work—we want our community to thrive. Our agency built upon the pillars of Quality, Innovation, Service, and Teamwork, and has moved the needle for over 800 clients to date—a roster that spans all industries and sectors, including all levels of government. As we look to the future, our agency’s goals are to live and breathe our QIST values every day – with both current and future partnerships. We are continually striving to do good work and to better serve our clients – by being more efficient, more creative, and always learning and improving at what we do. We’re fun, inclusive, and driven to do great work with our partner, and we’re looking forward to being yours as well.