Stagwell Technologies

Stagwell Technologies is a Toronto, CA based product design and development company, combining industry expertise in distributed cloud-based systems, big data processing, business process automation, and advanced data science to develop technology solutions that transform the way clients address core business challenges. As the technology arm of Stagwell Inc. - a private equity fund whose portfolio includes over thirty notable research, marketing and advertising agencies - we service companies of all sizes, from large corporations like Procter & Gamble to start-ups like Instream Wealth. We have extensive experience building custom enterprise grade solutions. We are well-versed in designing, developing and securing digital experiences leveraging microservices architecture across massive and disparate data sources. In combination with our agile methodology, this enables Clients to maintain ultimate flexibility, prioritization, and optionality as thy continue to evolve. From designers, to software developers, and project managers, our team is full of ‘solutioners’ well-suited to address any digital transformation needs. Communication, transparency, and execution are our pillars and we are anchored in delivering client results. We are focused on designing, investing, building, and securing new digital capabilities for our clients.