In a hyper-connected society, where users are highly sought-after and have reduced attention time, we believe that engagement is not so much about a brand's ability to produce a seamless, total digital experience as it is about initiating effective interactions. Interacting effectively is a brand's ability to capture our attention at the right time and right place, and to convert it into desire and trust. It is a subtle balance between too much and not enough. Between too early and too late. Between interest and rejection. Between intrusion and absence. Capturing the attention of users and transforming a fleeting interaction into a memorable one is the new challenge brands must face. In recent years, the digital experience has become their mantra, and effective interaction their new compass. Rather than seeking to be present with each interaction at all costs, brands must relearn how to be present when they are needed, at the most relevant time for them and their users. Rather than trying to hold users captive, brands must offer a unified digital experience that suggests, not imposes. Creating effective interactions is SQLI's mission. For nearly 30 years, we have advised brands and offered global support. We aim to provide a perfect blend of creativity, insight and technological innovation, to craft a digital experience that transcends reality and creates value for brands.