SJ Innovation LLC

Beginning in 2004, SJ Innovation LLC was initially a small, family business and since then, has branched out to include offices in Ukraine, India, and Bangladesh. The company’s main headquarters is located in New York, USA. The element that sets SJ Innovation LLC apart from its other outsourcing competitors is its efficient and resolute project management team. While other outsourcing companies have their head office located in India, SJ Innovation LLC maintains its engineering headquarters in the US. Since the project management team isn’t restricted to the US office alone, it offers a more nuanced experience that provides multifaceted choices at every level of your business requirements. Owing to globally dispersed team players, there is no need for waking up in the middle of the night to get in touch with your project manager from the other side of the globe. Also, the issues that crop up, owing to the language barrier present, is also greatly minimized. Currently, SJ Innovation LLC has over 158 employees worldwide and moving forward, is only expected to reach new heights. Our employees are experts in their chosen field and offer you over 100 years of combined experience. Our company motto involves putting in the constant hard work to achieve clients' success while fostering a happy, thriving, and productive workforce collaborating together to achieve a unified vision.