Reading Room, Ltd.

We’re Reading Room – digital partner to ambitious brands and influential organisations. Since 1996 we’ve helped our clients achieve measurable, meaningful success. We're proud to be part of their story. We work across a range of sectors, including B2B, sport & leisure, public sector, and arts & culture. We are heavily focused on Open Source and best value licensed software solutions with a strong heritage in creating leading Drupal websites and enterprise platforms. We believe that the creation of the internet was a revolution. It has brought unimaginable change. Now, as digital technology expands our focus is on technologies, people and culture being connected, being part of the network. We believe that this connected world empowers creativity in ways never thought possible. And we believe that this networked creativity has the power to change our clients" businesses, brands and organisations for the better. We work with a range of clients to bring about this change from simple CMS builds to fully integrated enterprise platforms. We are a full service Digital Agency with key skills in Consultancy & Digital Strategy, Digital Design & Drupal Development, full 24/7/365 Support and Managed Services. Our team includes passionate Drupal Developers and Consultants who are active in the Drupal community. They're a friendly bunch so please do say hello if you see them at any of the Drupal events they attend across Europe.

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