Ratio Web

Ratio Web is a self-organising team of specialists operating on principles of transparency, a flat structure and in the spirit of democracy. Our goal is to create jobs in which we wish to work ourselves, implementing ambitious and creative IT solutions therein. Cooperation with our customers is based on partnership, with a focus on our clients goals and the longterm success of our products and projects. We actively contribute and promote Free and Open Source Software projects such as eg. Drupal CMS. With the ambition of making the world a better place, we support NGO's connected with culture, pro-social and pro-environmental activities, as well as those monitoring and respecting both human and animal rights. We specialise in designing and implementing web applications based mainly on PHP, CMS Drupal, Symfony and Vue.Js. We use an agile approach to creating web and mobile applications, ensuring the transparency of the work progress. We offer a complete spectrum of solutions, from consulting needs and functionalities through design, website development, module and application development, from optimisation to updates, support, SLA, security and code quality audits. We help to keep the website up-to-date, secure and fast. Fields that interest and inspire us most are widely understood culture, cultural heritage (both local and global), and art. We believe that culture is the most open and transnational form of communication, being a value for us in itself. We ourselves are active recipients of culture, and our ambition is to cooperate with its creators and organisers of cultural events.