We are your digital partner of choice. Our team of system integrators, interactive designers, and consumer experience innovators make our clients achieve and maintain eCommerce excellence. The range of experiences we create start from the strategy design to enterprise solutions on web and mobile platforms. Founded in 2010 at qubik we offer innovation, dynamism and flexibility. We provide solutions that have a real return on investment and high business impact. Our customers rely on our knowledge of their processes and our innovation capabilities. This mix guarantees that the implemented solution is the most appropriate for their business. We work with customers in Latin America and the US. With Commerce technology becoming more and more complex, our team helps you configure, customize and integrate eCommerce platforms with your back-end systems and 3rd-party solutions. Development Expertise: Web development is in our DNA. We launched our first eCommerce site back in 2001. The site is still productive and generating billions in revenue. Experience from over 50 site launches, and 100% in-house front-end and back-end development teams Front-End Development: We follow web standards and development best practices. Site performance and multi-device compatibility is a must. HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript, Mobile commerce and responsive design Back-End Development: With a B2B background and strong process and SAP knowledge, we engineer end to end solutions that enhance customer experiences. We integrate the commerce platform with internal enterprise systems and 3rd party applications focusing on organizational efficiencies. Data migration, Systems integration - ERP, CRM, POS, Accounting, Order Management, Product Information Management (PIM/PCM), etc and Custom application & module development Our approach: Our development process is flexible, thorough, and proven. We follow a five steps AGILE project approach. Project Plan, Lean Blueprint Design, Implementation sprints, Integration Test and Deployment. Integration: SAP, BROADLEAF COMMERCE, WORDPRESS, SAP ERP, SAP CRM, C4C, hybris, Magento TECHNOLOGY: .net, php, java, css3, html5, jquery