Optaros, Inc.

We are the go-to Acquia partner for enterprises and have deep Drupal expertise. Using Drupal for integrated, large scale deployments is very different from simply standing up Drupal. Here are some highlights of our experience: * References: Numerous, large scale deployments with clients such as InfoWorld, Electronic Arts, Activision Blizzard, etc. * Scalability: Examples - 750,000 visitors in 1 day, 200 requests per second, 30,000 registrations in 1 day, 7,000 concurrent users. * On premise or SaaS: Deploy behind your firewall, hosted, or our SaaS offering. Community Contributions: * CMIS: standards-compliant ECM integration for Drupal * SpatialSolr: location-based Solr search * Knurl: built-in url shortener * Microblogging: an open source Yammer “Twitter behind the firewall” * Chatcatcher: adds ReTweets as comments on blogs Trained Consultants: Over 100 consultants trained and experienced specifically on Drupal “We are already seeing positive results from Optaros’ work. The first day of the relaunch saw our highest level of traffic since our current analytics were installed over two years ago.” Martha Connors, vice president and group general manager for InfoWorld.