Nomensa Ltd

We believe human experience is everything. We’re a strategic experience design agency, established in 2001, driving commercial value for our clients. Combining our experience in psychology, interaction design and technology, we transform digital experiences. We work hard to understand people, the emotional response to design and create exciting interactions. The challenge is to understand how people use technology and how it can enhance, complement and become seamless within our lives. Our principal business activities include: Experience Design – Designing user experiences that are creatively beautiful, engaging and ultimately delivering successful experiences for our clients and your customers. We work across multiple channels to ensure that all digital assets work as a cohesive whole. User Experience Research – A large number of research techniques are delivered by our highly qualified research team to deeply understand your customers and use real insight and knowledge to drive design decisions that make a measurable difference. Full Digital Delivery - End-to-end website development, from initial user research and scoping, through to structure, design, templates and build (including CMS solutions). Accessibility support – Our world-famous accessibility work and highly experienced team advise customers worldwide on accessibility issues and provide accessible front end code for integration into our client's systems. We help to develop industry guidelines, contributing to UK and European accessibility policy and regularly talking about accessibility at conferences and in the media. As W3C invited experts on web accessibility, we are at the cutting edge of standards development.