Material is a modern marketing services company, powered by analytics, deep human understanding, and design thinking. We build High Fidelity BrandsTM from the insight out. High Fidelity BrandsTM create passionate, durable relationships that drive extraordinary growth and affinity because they meet a set of deep-seated needs that most modern brand frameworks fail to understand or address — they exist to drive progress in peoples' lives. For over 30 years, we've dug into brands — with research, with data, and with deep human insights — to uncover and unlock the sources of Brand Fidelity. Then we combine our unmatched capabilities in human insight, business intelligence and real world activation to translate Brand Fidelity into competitive advantage. Forrester recently remarked ‘Through its trademarked Brand Fidelity™ loyalty approach, Material delivers strong customer insights backed by predictive analytics and forecasting’" The report went on to say, "Clients appreciate and use the company's full set of marketing and campaign and creative and content services and praise its thought leadership and superior frameworks and methodologies."