Macquarium, Inc.

Macquarium is a digital customer experience agency that drives business value for our clients. Since our inception in 1991, it’s been our purpose to “make customers’ lives easier and more enjoyable.” We ground our idealism with data-driven insights that intrinsically weave together customer value and business growth like strands of a DNA chain. Customer experience and digital transformation are at the heart of everything we do. For almost three decades, Macquarium has remained a thought leader in digital strategy, experience design, marketing, and innovation to confront challenges and create opportunities for our global and national client base. We’re all operating in a brave new world. More than ever, customers expect highly-personalized, omni-channel experiences that instill confidence, establish trust, and deliver value. Macquarium designs brand experiences with empathy and active listening to address customer (and internal) needs and pain points - both declared and implied. The experiences we create are seamless, accessible, and tailored to deepen connections between brand and customer.