It Trailblazers, Llc

IT Trailblazers is an IT Services company based in North Brunswick, NJ, with offices in Chicago, Toronto (Canada), Bangalore (India) and Chennai (India). Over the past 15 years IT Trailblazers has built a team of over 300 IT professionals and a reputation for delivery of consulting services. We have significant capabilities in delivering technology initiatives for organizations who have embarked on the journey of Digital transformation. With a global team of dedicated developers, strategists and designers who love what they do, we are a leading organization in the development of high-performance websites, large-scale platform migrations and systems integration projects to design enterprise-wide, global, Content management system platforms and create impact-full multi-channel and cross-channel strategies for our customers. We specialize in Enterprise Drupal Development and our customers include large organizations and small businesses and our extensive portfolio include well diversified projects including social networking and community sites, e-commerce sites, mobile site optimization, and both B2C & B2B web sites. IT Trailblazers also provides LMS (Learning Management System) solutions and IT Staffing services.