Genero Inc.

Genero creates pervasive digital marketing experiences for our clients with impactful and successful digital products and services. The global movement of digitization affects Japanese companies across varied industries and through understanding and visualizing each of our clients’ unique value propositions, our professional team enables our clients to promote their products and services domestically and globally. Genero plays an essential part in the Japanese ecosystem of digital innovation and our portfolio includes a wide range of customers from startups to larger enterprises to universities such as the Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech), one of the major universities of science and technology in Japan. Japanese cutting-edge technologies and R&D ventures are expected to create the next generation of industries globally, and we are uniquely positioned to empower the digital strategy for such innovators. Furthermore, we are deeply committed to promoting the Drupal community in Japan by co-sponsoring events like the Drupal Summit Tokyo in 2016 and 2017. We have held over 30 free Drupal training sessions for 100+ participants over the last 2 years and have held quarterly Acquia/Drupal training workshops since September 2016. We also organize the monthly Drupal Meetup in Haneda with our co-sponsor the Ota City Industrial Promotion Organization. Drupal Summit Tokyo 2017: Drupal Meetup Haneda: