Full Fat Things

We're Full Fat Things. We deliver strategy, we build, and we partner with you so that you can go from good to great. We become your engine to create seamless digital experiences for your customers. We work with manufacturers, publishers, charities, financial services companies and everything else that is interesting. We're famous for how much we put back into Drupal, namely ranking 7th in the world for Drupal contributions in 2021 – and that's just one of the arrows we can fire. You probably interact with our code most days and never know, as you travel around the web. Established over 12 years ago and based in the UK, we’ve become well known for producing fabulous applications for customers that grow from day one. We're here to help you build the products and tools of the future. You'll deal with good humans who care about how they do their job, not just doing their job. We'd be doing this if we weren't getting paid to do it. We show this in how much we give back to the open source movement. You get our years of public research and experience as part of your software. Trusted by Freesat, Key Publishing, and World Animal Protection among many others.

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