Eighty Options

Eighty Options is a Hobart, Australia based website design and development business that provides services to small and medium enterprises locally and overseas. We provide customers with end-to-end solutions to getting their businesses online by also offering domain name registration, website hosting, email hosting, off-site backup hosting and online email marketing software. Eighty Options specialises in developing websites and online applications using Drupal. We work with our clients on content strategy analysis and planning in order to optimise content publication workflows and achieve business goals. We provide comprehensive graphic design services in-house. From basic re-designs to full corporate branding, encompassing a full range of digital and print based media, along with style guides to keep branding consistent across all mediums into the future. Our clients range from community groups and small businesses to government sector internet and intranet solutions. Over the past year our focus has largely been on document repository solutions and a lot of work with Apache Solr.