Ecbatana, LLC

Ecbatana, LLC is an Ibaraki-based company that helps small and medium-sized businesses through technology. Vision: Eliminate all "lumps" and create a truly prosperous world. ◆Mission: To help people get what they rightfully deserve by reducing the divide and optimizing the flow caused by environmental differences. In the world as a whole, there are daily situations where people are not getting what they should be getting due to differences in their environment (region, language, culture, technology, race, gender, etc.). Ekubatana LLC aims to reduce such barriers and create true wealth by enabling people to "get to where they want to go". We have 21 employees, including 6 AI engineers (as of October 2020), and we have been providing services mainly to small and medium-sized companies in Ibaraki Prefecture since becoming a HubSpot Solution Partner in 2019. We are able to meet a variety of needs. Business Description Consulting services to help attract customers via the Internet  Support for attracting customers using web advertisements  Support for attracting customers without or with web ads Support for introduction of marketing automation using HubSpot  CMS implementation  API integration Achievements Consulting for restaurant non-personal business model transformation  From in-store improvements such as equipment, devices, and human resources to web improvements such as SNS and gourmet food websites. Promotion of health and beauty products Launch of a mail-order website for rare food ingredients and its consulting Web marketing consulting for a tourism company   etc.