Eastern Research Group, Inc.

ERG has more than 25 years of experience specializing in supporting government agencies and others in achieving key program goals and objectives as mission critical needs evolve. In so doing, we have become a nationally recognized firm offering a full spectrum of information technology services, including Drupal development, interface design, usability assessment, content development, coding and programming, user/administrator training, and maintenance support. Our IT product portfolio includes websites/mobile apps and architecture, data collection and management systems, data mining and visualization tools, cloud computing, and interactive mapping and GIS implementations. In particular, our developers have an in-depth understanding of Drupal modules and Acquia tools, are active participants in the Drupal community, and have extensive experience supporting government agencies and others with Drupal configurations, implementations, and migrations. ERG developers and engineers work closely with our full-service graphic design department to create intuitive, visually appealing websites and applications that are easy to navigate, download quickly, and operate on multiple platforms. We also have extensive experience engaging target audiences, including identifying appropriate application testers, organizing and facilitating testing, collecting and implementing feedback, as well as conducting outreach and ongoing technical support to the user community. In addition, ERG has a wide range of in-house subject matter expertise. With a headquarters in the Boston area—not far from Acquia’s headquarters—we have 350 employees working out of 12 offices nationwide.

Eastern Research Group, Inc.'s Portfolio