Deehbaba Infotech India pvt. ltd

DEEHBABA Infotech India Private Limited strongly believes that it is competent enough to deliver the real time solutions in multidisciplinary approaches, its’ driving philosophy is “IT for Today; BT for Tomorrow” (Information Technology (IT), Biotechnology (BT)). We specialize in Bioinformatics, Argo- informatics and Medical Informatics solution for medical, biotech, food and agriculture industry. We are solved multidimensional problem in Life science with innovative way by AI, Machine learning, Data Science, Mathematical Algorithms and Statistics. The Space Science and Environment also generate large volume of data. We provide Geo-informatics solutions (Geographical Information System and Remote sensing). Our services include developing of novel algorithms, for analytics of active and passive data sensor, storing special and temporal data, hyperspectral data, mapping crop disease and pest forecasting algorithms etc. We deploy innovative methods to detect RS and GIS problems using Machine learning, Data Science, Mathematical Algorithms and Statistics. Our Long goal is to produce globally competent skilled brain-force for industry and academia catering to training and research services to students, public and private sector employees. We offer training on highly demanded technology solutions to industry and academia to generate sublime level of satisfaction in our clients.