We merge imagination and technology in order to project personality and authenticity in firms digital experiences. We are an engineering team focus on innovation, and we are aware of the great capabilities of Drupal when is extended on solid architectural bases. For us Drupal is more than a CMS, is a legendary platform where converge art and software sciences. We have had successful integrated IA with chatbots, machine Learning with Solr for intelligent views, and animation with Angular and Unity in Drupal for the creation of cool digital experiences. Our main goal is not use Drupal as just as CMS, our goal is extend it as platform mixing the latest technological paradigms. Our team have more than 10 years of strong experience in development of Drupal large scale enterprise level solutions for Colombia Government. We have competed as Drupal and open source representatives successfully vs entrerprise solutions as Sharepoint and Oracle Portal. Since our beginning we have been working with multiple open source projects, and we are aware what matters the enterprises fears about Drupal, for that reason we are focused on security, maintainability, functional scalability. We join the IT team of every client in order to assure a successful project. In order to make stronger the community, we give real importance and empowering the client team of communications to reach their expectations providing the best editorial experience Drupal can offer. We take our time empowering the institutions through trainings flattening the learning curve in the knowledge of that is Drupal, how they can use it, and how that use will transform their organizations. This project approach has made others firms and institutions feels confident about Drupal and the high value they can have from the community.

Coresis's Portfolio