Convertiv Llc

“What if you had a technical marketing partner functioning as a seamless extension of your team? A special ops squad obsessed with hitting your growth target; Convertiv is that partner.” - Chris Pollara | CEO, Convertiv Our design and development teams are committed to exceeding your customers expectations at every touch point of their digital journey. Understanding the how, what and most importantly why is at the heart of our approach. With thorough analysis of existing data, user research and rapid prototyping, we wow both our customers and yours with amazing digital experiences built with elegant code. Engage: Our process begins by understanding your business goals, evaluating your marketing organization, infrastructure and processes. Convertiv then dives deep into the data — customer personas, user journeys, and analytics — to build an informed strategy tailored to meeting objectives head-on. Armed with a well-defined approach, our design and development team then works closely with your team to begin implementation. Deploy: While our experienced team of designers and developers implement effective marketing technology, infrastructure and processes that align with your business goals, we work to transfer our knowledge to your organization, and deploy the systems and tools needed to measure success. To ensure the quality of each project launch, Convertiv carefully tests each experience across all relevant devices, runs security checks and continually executes peer code reviews. Accelerate: Our ongoing analysis of the data produced by each project enables us refine and increase the effectiveness of the marking programs they are tied to. By delivering marketing that matters, Convertiv works to generate confidence across your organization. Innovate: Achieving your goals is only the beginning: Convertiv's process uncovers insights and opportunities that poise your team for continued growth. We’re passionate about helping our clients’ internal teams measure and improve their results, making them savvy, more-effective marketers.