CapabilitySource is a digital business transformation consultancy that provides MarTech strategy, implementation, integration and support services with a specialization in marketing operations. We work with marketers in commercial and enterprise-sized companies to protect their marketing budget and align their marketing operations strategies with overall corporate objectives. Clients benefit from CapabilitySource’s unique, lab-based innovation and custom-built user experience technologies with no integration boundaries. CapabilitySource applies proven marketing models, best practice architecture, custom-built marketing applications, pre-built MarTech add-ins and change acceleration methods to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing teams and their agency partners. CapabilitySource is an enterprise grade consultancy that implements digital marketing solutions with a special mix of Business Architecture, Change Management, Process Engineering, Implementation and Custom Automation/Integration expertise. CapabilitySource formed in 2011 with a focus on one goal – to simplify the way people work. Early on, we partnered with a growing work management company, Workfront, and developed methods to provide solutions for businesses looking to improve marketing operations. Due to the background and expertise of the leadership and delivery teams, we grew quickly by providing marketing solutions in the financial services, entertainment, retail, healthcare and technology industries. A strength we provided as a consultancy was our background in marketing within the financial industry as well as a passion for focusing on a solution that included improvements across people, process and information, not just expertise in technology. In 2017, analysts predicted that a workforce consisting of 40% digital natives (people that grew up with smartphones) would transform into a 70% digital native workforce by 2020. With the rise of the pandemic in 2020, a drastic shift occurred in work environments. New virtual restrictions forced companies to revisit the way people work. Traditional work methods gave way to digital work methods. The days of 8 to 5, corporate office, cube and terminal-only work has given way to a flexible schedule, remote, work anywhere, mobile, video meeting, cloud-enabled work paradigm. To thrive and attract new talent, legacy work paradigms must shift to modern digital work methods. At CapabilitySource, we understand this paradigm change and how to help companies accomplish digital transformation with minimal cost and disruption. Since 2011, we have helped more than 100 marketing teams, at some of the largest brands in the world to transform the way their marketing teams work and achieve effectiveness and efficiency goals. Our desire is to grow our business by helping our clients transform into modern, digital native friendly organizations where marketing goals are achieved, and people flourish. In 2020 we rebranded to focus more clearly on the unique needs of CMO’s and their marketing operations teams. The rebrand included a fresh new logo, new messaging, a new company tagline of “Transformation at Work”, new marketing and branding strategies and a new website. We also identified and began to market certain accelerators that were important to us when we formed in 2011 – things such as Enterprise Marketing Models, health assessments and change management methodologies. A few things happened during the same timeframe of the rebrand – CapabilitySource began growing our MarTech partnerships and we expanded CS Labs to develop innovative solutions with no boundaries, to meet the custom needs of our largest clients. In 2021, CapabilitySource will focus on improving the “business of marketing” through marketing operations digital transformation. We will expand our strategic technology partnerships to include the MarTech providers that are best suited to meet the needs of CMO’s, CIO’s and marketing operations executives. We will establish a leadership position, as a premier service provider in the Digital Experience Platform (DXP) marketplace and we will utilize thought leadership through our direct Gartner relationship to help define and mature the discipline of marketing operations. Additionally, we will continue to foster deep relationships to grow CS Labs. Our goal in 2021 is to operate in growth mode, growing with and through our partners and by taking CS Labs developed products to market. CapabilitySource Beliefs • We believe that our client's digital marketing transformation success is what matters most. Our culture and methods are built to support this belief. • We believe that people, process and information are the fundamental elements of digital transformation. Technology is the enabler. • We believe that our clients must have a highly efficient and enjoyable digitally work experience to conduct the business of marketing. CapabilitySource process improvements and marketing technology solutions have helped clients realize significant digital transformation success with a variety of new and existing tools. Client accomplishments include: • 30% increase in marketing capacity • 40% reduction in labor cost • 70% reduction in cycle time • 98% improvement in on-time marketing delivery • $1.2 MM reduction in recurring annual costs • $1.7B in net new assets in one year • $6MM in new revenue in one year • 2,400 new to firm conversions and 7,200 deepening conversions in one year • 18% year over year increase in prospect volume • 25K new prospect leads and 36K new client leads in four months • 20K new accounts in one year