Blisstering Solutions

TRUE NATIVE MOBILITY FOR DRUPAL Responsive sites or True Native Mobile apps? Customers will say both (if they have the budget). Drupalers will say Responsive, because Drupal has no native mobile capabilities. Blisstering Solutions' technology solves this problem. Now customers can have both without spending a fortune. Blisstering's m2Serve technology integrates deep true-native mobile app development capabilities into Drupal. It is now possible to build true-native mobile apps for Drupal better and faster than on any other platform – up to 90% faster. Blisstering uses m2Serve technology to create mobile applications for enterprise customers and is working to soon make m2Serve available as an add-on to Drupal. Today, Blisstering can build a true native mobile app on both iOS and Android for any Drupal instance, however complex, for under $20,000 and in less than 2 weeks. m2Serve is useful for building true native mobile solutions for enterprise applications across Government, Healthcare, Financial, Insurance, Media & Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Retail, and so on. With m2serve, Blisstering creates apps that support hugely scalable server side architectures And integrate with all major enterprise platforms - server side or cloud; including SalesForce, SAP, Oracle ERP, Marketo and others. BLISSTERING SOLUTIONS Blisstering Solutions is a mobility technology company, an Open-Source shop and a Drupal specialists. With 40+ team members, Blisstering is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, with an east coast presence in Ohio and off-shore offices in India. We offer a full spectrum of services from Drupal Core Development, Custom Module Development, Theming, Drupal Performance Optimization, Automated Testing, 3rd Party Integration – all mobile ready. Our wide range of complex projects, over 250,000 hours of Drupal programming and happy customers are a testament to our passion, dedication and contribution to Drupal and taking Drupal places. MOBILE CASE STUDIES GLIMPZIT - A powerful marketing tool for companies looking to get real time focus group opinions on your products. - LIVEWINE - One-stop portal to discover, share, and learn – DRUG ALERT - Patient and pharmacist collaboration app to create a Personal Medication Record – IPHOREX - Specialized custom applications for Supply chain management, Network management, Business process management etc. – WHAT IS M2SERVE? Here's a video that gives you a good look at m2Serve for Drupal