Audaxis is a technology house supporting global organisations in their digital transformation. We focus on what makes user experience unique : performance in accessing rich and diversified content, support of large audiences, SSO and connectivity with metered or fremium paywalls… We work with large media and newspaper firms since 2000 at the very early stage of their move to digital, delivering in a fraction of second all forms of contents to their readers across web, social networks and mobile platforms. Our R&D team has published a dedicated distribution of Drupal supporting multi-media publishing and processing 5.000.000 pages views a day for one of our customers. Our experience with the media industry is a path for delivering robust, secured, highly flexible web content platforms for other markets. Audaxis is also experienced with Drupal Commerce B2B platforms integrated with PIM, CRM and ERP and with Drupal site farms for multinational companies. Our portfolio spans IT architecture redesign to CMS implementation, data optimization and business processes transformation. We care about what’s behind the wall to secure your migration to digital. Audaxis employs 130 people in Belgium, France, Luxemburg and Switzerland.