At ASAP+, we believe that the Chinese consumer is changing the global economy. Chinese consumers are mobile first and so digital communication is critical. Therefore, we create digital solutions to connect the world’s best brands with high value Chinese consumers. We work with destination marketing organisations and companies involved in the travel and tourism sector to help them position their unique offerings and travel experiences in ways and on channels that the prospective Chinese traveler will consume and convert. We know that Chinese consumers of all ages and from various cities are hungry for superior experiences, whether at home accessing the world's greatest brands or travelling abroad. Independent travel has become the preference of high spending Chinese travelers and so destinations need to stand out and offer something unique and memorable. At ASAP+ we help your destination engage, delight and inspire your target consumer. First established as FlipScript Advertising in 2011, we are a 200 strong, award-winning team founded and headquartered in Shanghai. We have offices in both London and Sydney servicing clients from all over the world. Our strategic focus has been to work with international clients who want to be successful in the Chinese market. Our clients have included and continue to include some of the world’s most reputable luxury fashion, retail and travel brands. Our staff have diverse backgrounds, and many have been educated overseas, but our true differentiator is our teams passionate and dynamic client-first global focus.