Altudo (formerly edynamic) helps businesses deliver exceptional customer experience through 1:1 personalization & enhanced engagement - to grow revenue streams. The organization fosters transforms marketing efforts from a lead or demand generation model to a revenue & business outcomes roadmap that focuses on ROI & growth. Their deep understanding of the Acquia ecosystem goes beyond the basics of CMS to unleash the true potential of a seamless, personalized website experience & curating engagement analytics throughout the customer journey. With over 200+ SMEs spread across 7 countries, the team is a rich combination of certified developers and architects. Thereby, the firm has received multiple accolades, including 14 global awards. Altudo has completed over 2000+ CMS projects for more than 200 brands - including 45 Fortune 500 firms, to help deliver ROI using their MarTech stack that embraces CX strategy, marketing automation and data analytics.