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govCMS Digital Government Platform Goes Live

SYDNEY – 6 March 2015 – Acquia, the digital experience company, today announced the release of govCMS to all tiers of government. govCMS is a whole of government Web Content Management System for Australian government sites. Built on the Acquia Platform, govCMS reflects the Government’s commitment to open source innovation and the use of shared, cloud-based services.

govCMS was designed to help government agencies save costs as they reimagine how they deliver information and services. A service offered to Commonwealth Government entities, govCMS offers a more efficient platform for digital government initiatives and challenges the status quo for digital experience delivery. Beginning in the fourth quarter of 2014, was the initial site to migrate to the govCMS environment; other early adopters include the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority, the Department of Communications, and the Department of Social Services. As of today the platform is available to federal, state and local government.

“Today’s release opens a new era of open government focused on meeting the needs of Australians,” said Chris Harrop, director for Asia Pacific and Japan, Acquia. “Acquia has enabled the Government to go to market faster with digital experiences that are highly interactive, crucial to supporting economic development and connects Australians with the services and data they need.”

Acquia provides an open cloud platform that slashes the expense of managing complex web experiences, evolves at the speed of the Internet, and unites content, community and commerce, as governments become some of the most high volume transaction processors in the world.

Agencies using govCMS will benefit from a standardised procurement model and are provided with a standard distribution, which is compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). govCMS brings together themes that are commonly used by government Departments, Agencies, official blogs, and policy microsites. The release comes 10 months after the completion of a feasibility study that identified the need to expand the availability of web cloud services across government agencies.

For more information visit or contact the govCMS Team.

About Acquia
Acquia is the digital experience company. Flight Centre, Foxtel, TransLink and Earth Hour are among the more than 4,000 organisations that are transforming their digital businesses with Acquia’s open cloud platform. Global 2000 enterprises, government agencies and NGOs rely on Acquia to create new revenue streams, lower costs, and engage audiences more deeply through content, community, commerce and context.

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