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Acquia Introduces Content Hub to Ease Content Management and Distribution

BOSTON – October 21, 2015 – Acquia, the digital experience company, today launched Acquia Content Hub, a cloud-based distribution and discovery service. Authors and site owners use Content Hub to create, search, distribute, and share content across a complex network of sites, incompatible CMS platforms, and external channels. Content Hub helps organizations better leverage their content, uniting multiple customer-facing sites, diverse departments, and different technologies from one hub.

There is a massive content explosion happening, fueled by the digital transformation that every organization faces today. Content – the words, sounds, pictures, and videos that fuel the web and social networks – also includes legal terms and conditions, product descriptions, and user-submitted reviews. Organizations today are struggling with taming how their content is built and managed over multiple content and asset management systems with different data models and widely inconsistent ways to access, update, and replicate changes. The shift to digital, when combined with the demand for highly personalized experiences, has made the delivery of the right content at the right time to the right user and device more important than ever.

In regulated industries such as life sciences and financial services, it’s a business imperative to keep product information current, and updating it is laborious, time consuming and costly. With Content Hub, product content can be updated across distribution channels quickly. For media companies, Content Hub will make it easier to share syndicated content across sites regardless of technology platforms.

“As digital teams race to deliver personalized customer experiences, they must first make sense of the chaos that has resulted from the explosion of content and sites,” said Dries Buytaert, Acquia co-founder and chief technology officer. “They need to be able to share, discover and collaborate unimpeded by disconnected legacy systems. Content Hub answers that challenge.”

Content Hub empowers authors and site owners to take control of their content with a comprehensive set of discovery, sharing and distribution tools, including:

  • A repository that aggregates and normalizes content and data from any external source -- such as a news wire -- or content management system
  • Powerful discovery tools, including content subscriptions and faceted search, to break down silos and enable site builders and editors to find relevant content from other sites, departmental archives or content management systems quickly
  • Automated updates from authors to content consumers -- both internal and external audiences -- in near real time, respecting local changes and workflow rules
  • An integration framework to access and publish content within existing workflows

The web services team at Columbia University Medical Center faces a common problem with content proliferation and standardization across its digital properties. The team needs a service that will enable content sharing across the myriad of sites and different content management systems at the schools, departments, institutes, and programs associated with the medical center.

“We have great content to share across many different sites, such as our new stories that are relevant to a variety of different departments, practices, and other units,” said Grace Migliorisi, PhD, web services manager at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. “Content Hub gives us the ability to share those stories automatically across different sites. It creates a unified experience for site visitors, free of unneeded links to different pages and external web sites, and the interface is intuitive and easy to use. We’re only just getting started, but we expect to save time and money while improving the user experience.”

Chris Stone, Acquia’s chief products officer, said “No industry is immune to content silos, but we believe with the right technology and tools in place, you can make it easier to share content among stakeholders and across channels. With Content Hub our customers can search and share content, no matter the complexity of their business.”

To learn more visit or attend the webinar “Introducing Acquia Content Hub: Take Control of Your Content Chaos” on Wednesday, November 18, at 1 p.m. EST / 10 a.m. PST.

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