Accelerate Your Timeline, and Your Migration

With Drupal 7 End of Life on the horizon, it's more important than ever to make your move to Drupal 9.

Time is of the essence

See the difference with Migrate Accelerate

D7 D9
Analysis + Planning

Analysis + Planning

Take an inventory of the modules that your D7 site uses, and identify the equivalent, or closest match available in D9

Handled automatically based on Acquia expertise and other AMA customers

Analysis + Planning

Manually import data since migration started, develop launch plan, determine how to migrate new site to Production

Use "Refresh" in Cloud environment to downsync new content seamlessly, "Promote" to move to staging, and drag and drop into production

Dev Ops

Dev Ops

Set up a new environment, install a Drupal 9 site, and configure your D9 site with the the D9 equivalents for your D7 modules

Handled automatically with dedicated migrate-optimized Cloud on-demand environment (included)

Data Import

Data Import

Write PHP and YAML code with the Drupal Migrate API and migrate data with Drush. Troubleshoot errors, rollback, re-migrate, repeat

Preview, import, and troubleshoot content migrations through a robust, responsive UI aimed at Site Builders

Biz Logic

Biz Logic

Move the custom code that you’ve built for your D7 site into your D9 site. Rewrite the business logic as needed

Utilize Cloud IDE with built-in debugging tools, Composer support, and Drupal knowledge built-in



After migrating your data from your D7 to D9 site, you must add your custom theme to build the look and feel of your new D9 site

Integrate with Site Studio, a low-code, component-based approach to building out your new site's look and feel

Up to 80% Faster Than Your Average Timeline

Spend more time building, and less time migrating with Acquia’s built in D7 to D9 migration expertise.

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Build your migration plan

Use Our Checklist To See If You're Prepared To Make The Move To Drupal 9

Tips For a Smoother Migration

Set Specific Goals

Whether it's all nodes and terms migrated or having no errors on your new site, set your goals and make them happen.

Take Inventory

Do an audit of content, taxonomy term pages, views pages, panels pages, and all custom functionality. This will ensure you’re only bringing over the content and functions you care about.

Prepare and Execute

We generate a Drupal 9 site for you based on your previous foundation. Use that as a base, choose the content you want to migrate, run your migration, and review results. Once you import your content, it’s time work on custom coded elements like look and feel.

Review, Refine, and Review Some More

Keep a close eye on details: Is all your content coming through in the correct fields? Are you seeing any error messages like incorrect file paths? If so, address them early. Then you’re ready to iterate, roll back and reimport until it’s right.

Support That Works

It's More Than Service. It's Partnership

We combine end-to-end support with training and planning tools to help you at every step, migration and beyond.

Our Customer Success Model

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Complete Migration Service

We’ll help you define your goals, execute the migration, implement theming, port custom code, and support you through launch.

Future State Planning

We'll provide recommendations on how Acquia solutions can help you get to the next level of technical and business objectives.

Man with Small Men
Drupal 9 Training

We offer comprehensive training and certification for D9 developers.

Paper Airplane in Bubble
Drupal 9 Readiness

We offer a complete evaluation of your Drupal 8 application's readiness to update to Drupal 9.

Pencil, Ruler, Mouse
Architecture Planning

Create a technical blueprint for implementation that meets your DXP requirements.

Launch Readiness

Our team will ensure your application follows security best practices and meets your performance goals.

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Custom Consulting

Talk with a Professional Services expert to guide your team through your digital transformation on the Acquia Platform.

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Site Studio Prep

We'll conduct a hands-on training and guidance to help your team implement Site Studio.

Meet With a Migration Expert

See the first and only automated migration tool to accelerate Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 migrations by up to 80%.