Wrike + Acquia DAM

Efficiently sync Wrike task assets to Acquia DAM

Enhance your asset management workflow by automating file transfers from Wrike to Acquia DAM. This integration is designed to monitor specific conditions in Wrike, such as status updates or sync readiness flags. Once conditions are met, new assets attached to Wrike tasks are automatically created in Acquia DAM. The integration maps relevant metadata from Wrike to DAM metadata fields, assigning asset groups, categories, and types. This seamless integration manages digital assets with consistent metadata and without needing manual file transfers.

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Task Monitoring

Monitors Wrike tasks for specific conditions to initiate file transfers to Acquia DAM.

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Metadata Synchronization

Maps Wrike metadata to Acquia DAM, ensuring consistent, accurate asset information.

Automated File Management

Automatically create new assets in Acquia DAM from Wrike task attachments, streamlining the asset management process.

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