VWO + Acquia DAM

Streamline A/B tests with VWO and Acquia DAM for efficient asset management and insights

This integration between VWO and Acquia DAM streamlines A/B testing and personalization by allowing direct access to digital assets within Acquia DAM from the VWO platform. Users can efficiently manage assets and set up various testing scenarios. This collaboration not only simplifies asset selection and testing, but provides insights into which assets perform best with different customer segments, fostering informed marketing decisions and creative experimentation. 

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Seamless Asset Access in VWO

Access your DAM’s digital asset library directly in VWO. Streamline workflows and elevate marketing campaigns with ease.

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Illustration of a browser with a text and image and a browser with a video

Enhanced A/B Testing With DAM

Leverage Acquia DAM in VWO for advanced A/B testing. Quickly test, analyze, and optimize digital assets for targeted audience engagement. 

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