Trello + Acquia DAM

Trello has efficient asset management, streamlined workflows, and enhanced project collaboration

Integrating Acquia DAM with Trello enhances project management workflows by combining Trello's visual and interactive task management with Acquia DAM’s robust digital asset management capabilities. Users can manage tasks using Trello’s boards, lists, and cards, while seamlessly accessing and utilizing assets stored in Acquia DAM. This integration ensures that the latest versions of assets are readily available within Trello, eliminating the need for redundant uploads and ensuring brand consistency across projects.

Automatic metadata syncing between Trello cards and assets in Acquia DAM enhances asset organization and searchability, streamlining administrative overhead. Teams can collaborate more effectively, with all members having access to necessary assets and information, regardless of location. This synergy between Trello and Acquia DAM not only saves time but also enhances consistency, ensuring smoother project workflows and more successful project outcomes.

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Centralized Asset Management

Connect Trello and Acquia DAM to streamline asset workflows, centralize digital assets, and enhance accessibility. Automatic asset uploads from Trello to DAM ensure a unified and efficient asset repository, simplifying asset management.

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Metadata Synchronization

Automate asset organization with metadata sync between Trello and Acquia DAM, ensuring consistency, accuracy, and easy searchability across platforms.

Efficient Collaboration

Boost team collaboration with direct access to assets in Trello, centralizing assets and metadata in Acquia DAM for seamless workflows and enhanced productivity.

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