Templafy + Acquia DAM

Access Acquia DAM images within your Templafy doc gen platform

Templafy is an enterprise-level content enablement platform designed to streamline the creation of business documents while ensuring brand consistency and compliance. Integrating seamlessly with office suites and digital asset management tools, Templafy provides employees with easy access to up-to-date templates, assets, and document-building components. Its cloud-based solution enhances productivity by centralizing resources, automating content creation, and offering validation features to maintain brand integrity across all documents and presentations.

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Templafy and Acquia DAM integration, place approved images.

Increase the use of brand-approved images

Place approved images from your DAM system into Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Office 365, and Google Workspace documents.

  • Give employees easy access to approved digital assets inside document creation applications
  • Quickly find and insert all assets from Acquia DAM without switching apps
  • No more downloading and uploading between systems
  • Ensure employees have easy, secure access to company-approved content with intellectual property (IP) rights in place

How it works

Use the rights-management and powerful search capabilities of DAM, right within Templafy.

  • Search for images and content by tags and file names
  • Instantly insert and/or replace images in the document directly from an integrated task pane
  • Preview of all available assets before inserting
  • Instant live-sync of all images added to Acquia DAM approved by central administration
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Getting Started

Combine the power of Templafy and Acquia DAM.

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