Storyteq + Acquia DAM

Access assets in Acquia DAM without leaving the Storyteq platform

Storyteq is a platform designed to automate the creation and adaptation of video and display content for brands and advertisers. Leveraging templates and dynamic data, Storyteq enables users to produce variations of digital assets efficiently, ensuring consistency and relevance across different channels and audiences. By streamlining the content production process, Storyteq helps businesses scale their advertising efforts while maintaining brand integrity.

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Simplify content creation

Extend the value of your Acquia assets across content created in Storyteq.

Avoid downloading assets from one system and then uploading them to another

Support brand consistency by using approved assets in Acquia to populate templates in Storyteq

Scale content production by streamlining access to files in Acquia — your central source of truth for all brand and marketing assets

Accelerate workflows

Sync data between Acquia DAM and Storyteq to eliminate manual steps.

Search for and access Acquia assets from within the Storyteq user interface, to build customizable marketing materials

Automatically push final creative files from Storyteq back to Acquia, with a click of a button

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Combine the power of Storyteq's creative automation platform and Acquia.