Smartsheet + Acquia DAM

Stay on top of your asset updates, and connect Smartsheet and Acquia DAM

Smartsheet is a dynamic platform that combines the best of spreadsheets with project management tools, offering businesses a versatile solution for collaboration and work management. With its grid, card, Gantt chart views, and more, Smartsheet allows teams to plan, track, and execute tasks in real-time. Its robust integration capabilities and automation features streamline workflows, ensuring that projects progress efficiently and teams stay aligned.

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Streamline your assets project

Eliminate the need to manually upload assets into both systems.

  • Save time by automatically syncing new or updated assets and metadata from Smartsheet to DAM
  • Stay within DAM while updating or creating rows in Smartsheet
  • Ensure the latest files are being used with one central source of truth

Leverage sync between both platforms

With the Acquia DAM + Smartsheet integration, you're always using the latest version of your content

  • The integration with Smartsheet will monitor a column for new or updated rows and any changes will be updated in Acquia DAM
  • A new or edited file in Acquia DAM will create or update a row in Smartsheet
  • The integration can also be running daily to perform a search query in both assets and will update Smartsheets with any changes
Leverage sync between both platforms graphic
Combine the power of Smartsheet and Acquia DAM