SharePoint + Acquia DAM

Sync files and metadata between your document management tool and Acquia DAM

SharePoint, developed by Microsoft, is a web-based collaboration platform that integrates with Microsoft Office. It's designed for document management and storage, but its highly customizable nature means it's adaptable to various enterprise needs, from intranets and extranets to content management and document collaboration. SharePoint's robust features support team collaboration through shared workspaces, workflows, and a centralized location for accessing and managing data.


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Improve access to digital assets

Integrate Acquia DAM and SharePoint to keep teams aligned on the latest assets and improve document workflows across the organization.


How it works

This integration syncs content from Sharepoint to the Acquia DAM to keep teams aligned no matter which system they’re using.
  • Sync content from Sharepoint Lists to Acquia DAM

  • Control document access

  • Use list fields from SharePoint as metadata in Acquia DAM


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Combine Acquia DAM and SharePoint to drive organizational productivity.