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Ensure your product content is accurate and up to date at every touch point

Salsify is a product experience management (PXM) platform that centralizes and harmonizes product information for brands and retailers. By integrating product content, digital assets, and syndication capabilities, Salsify ensures consistent and compelling product experiences across various digital touchpoints. Its cloud-based solution empowers businesses to accelerate time-to-market, improve discoverability, and drive sales by delivering accurate and enriched product content to consumers.

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Create Consistent and Seamless Product Experiences

Simplify how product content is managed with Acquia's digital asset management (DAM) system and Salsify’s product information management (PIM) solution.

Accelerate time to market by ensuring all stakeholders have access to approved and current product content

Leverage your Acquia permission structures to ensure Salsify users only access the assets they are authorized to use

Enhance cross-team collaboration with centralized tools to distribute high-quality content across every channel

Streamline Content Delivery Across Channels

Automatically populate Salsify with select Acquia assets.

Selected new and updated Acquia assets flow into Salsify and link to the correct product(s)

Assets are linked to products in Salsify based on asset ID, asset filename, or other custom asset metadata fields in the DAM system

While the content sync is typically one way (from Acquia into Salsify), a two-way integration can be explored upon request

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Sargento’s Connected Commerce Experience

Learn how an integration between Acquia and Salsify helps Sargento keep pace with e-commerce growth.

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