Salesforce + Acquia DAM

Connect Salesforce with your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Automation solution

Salesforce is a global leader in cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software, providing solutions that help businesses connect with their customers in innovative ways. With its comprehensive suite of tools covering sales, service, marketing, and more, Salesforce enables companies to manage customer interactions, drive sales growth, and enhance customer loyalty. Its platform's adaptability, combined with a robust ecosystem of integrations and applications available through the AppExchange, ensures that businesses of all sizes can tailor Salesforce to their unique needs.

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Search, View, Share, and Track Sales Materials


Connect Acquia DAM and Salesforce, so your sales teams have access to the materials they need to ace their next presentation and follow-up.

  • Search for a specific asset or scroll through a page of curated assets in the digital asset management (DAM) system without leaving Salesforce
  • Watch a promotional video or copy a link to share with a buyer
  • Download the original file or a format optimized for your need


Acquia DAM, Portals, and Salesforce


Acquia DAM Portals allow you to embed curated selections of sales and marketing materials in Salesforce; no IT support required.

  • Connect portals via custom web tabs and links on any page layout, on a Visualforce page with its own tab, as an embedded Visualforce page on any page layout, or as a content library
  • Give all Salesforce users access to portals; no user account required
  • Curate specific sales and marketing materials within portals for easy access
  • Use Salesforce permissions to determine portals access


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Help your sales force quickly access the latest and greatest assets with Acquia DAM and Salesforce.