Salesforce + Acquia Campaign Studio

Connect your MAP and CRM for enhanced marketing insights

Unlock the synergy of Salesforce and Acquia Campaign Studio to revolutionize your marketing insights. Collect and store customer data by harnessing the power of a CRM and a MAP combined. Use this unified data to deliver highly personalized marketing campaigns through Campaign Studio, maximizing customer engagement and driving business growth.




Segmentation and Targeting
Leverage Salesforce’s CRM data to create dynamic customer segments and target specific audiences with relevant and timely marketing messages through Campaign Studio. 

Marketing and Sales Alignment
Align marketing efforts with sales initiatives by syncing lead and opportunity data between Salesforce and Campaign Studio, enabling better collaboration and closing the sales loop. 

Comprehensive Analytics
Gain in-depth insights into campaign performance, lead generation, and customer behavior by combining analytical capabilities of Salesforce and Campaign Studio. 


In order to use Salesforce with Campaign Studio, you must have a connected application in Salesforce. We recommend that you create a Salesforce user exclusively for connecting with Campaign Studio.