Productsup + ACQUIA DAM

Seamless product content integration, transformation, and syndication

Productsup provides a leading cloud-based solution for product content integration, syndication, and feed management. It enables e-commerce businesses to aggregate, optimize, and distribute product information to multiple marketing channels, shopping platforms, and marketplaces with agility and scale. By ensuring data quality and automating feed processes, Productsup empowers brands and retailers to increase their product visibility and drive sales across the digital landscape.

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DAM, PIM, and Syndication Working Together as One

The struggle to create meaningful, connected experiences is a very real challenge for brands. Say goodbye to your fragmented content supply chain and hello to complete end-to-end product content control by integrating Acquia DAM via the Entries PIM add-on, with Productsup.

  • Structure, customize, and enrich product data
  • Tackle feed requirements easily
  • Transfer product data seamlessly
  • Get complete data transparency
  • Reach new audiences, channels, and markets overnight

How It Works

The Acquia DAM and Productsup integration provides a one-two punch for more efficient content operations. Acquia’s combined DAM and PIM helps you gather accurate, on-brand data and Productsup helps you optimize it for individual channels.

  • Use the PIM to compile product listings that include data, marketing copy, and digital assets
  • Sync complete listings from the PIM to Productsup
  • Use Productsup to perfectly-tailor your product catalogs for 1,500+ e-commerce channels
See how Acquia DAM and Productsup work together to give you complete end-to-end product content control.