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ACQUIA DAM + Productsup

Seamless product content integration, transformation, and syndication


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DAM, PIM, and Syndication Working Together as One

The struggle to create meaningful, connected experiences is a very real challenge for brands. Say goodbye to your fragmented content supply chain and hello to complete end-to-end product content control by integrating Acquia DAM via the Entries PIM add-on, with Productsup.

  • Structure, customize, and enrich product data
  • Tackle feed requirements easily
  • Transfer product data seamlessly
  • Get complete data transparency
  • Reach new audiences, channels, and markets overnight

How It Works

The Acquia DAM and Productsup integration provides a one-two punch for more efficient content operations. Acquia’s combined DAM and PIM helps you gather accurate, on-brand data and Productsup helps you optimize it for individual channels.

  • Use the PIM to compile product listings that include data, marketing copy, and digital assets
  • Sync complete listings from the PIM to Productsup
  • Use Productsup to perfectly-tailor your product catalogs for 1,500+ e-commerce channels

Learn More

Contact your Acquia representative for a demo of how Acquia DAM and Productsup work together to give you complete end-to-end product content control.