Outfit + Acquia DAM

Streamline access to up-to-date, brand assets

Outfit is a brand automation and marketing production platform that empowers teams to produce high-quality content while ensuring brand consistency. With its templated approach, Outfit allows for the scalable creation of marketing materials without the continuous need for design resources. By streamlining the content creation process, Outfit helps organizations maintain brand integrity and accelerate marketing efforts.

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Improve brand consistency


  • Use Acquia DAM for all your companies digital assets and make all or critical brand assets available in Outfit’s brand management platform.
  • Reduce costs by automating creative production
  • Remove bottlenecks by allowing a range of users to personalize content using approved assets
  • Launch campaigns faster and respond to opportunities sooner by empowering employees to deliver on-brand content with agility

How it works

Sync content between systems to ensure teams use the latest version of every asset.

  • View Acquia DAM assets and related metadata within the Outfit interface, eliminating the need to download assets from one system and upload them to another
  • Customize the connection between systems to display all assets or just specific folders
  • Pull content directly into Outfit’s advanced dynamic templates, creating consistency and scale in a few clicks

Get started

Work with your Acquia and Outfit reps to enable the integration. You’ll then log into Outfit and add your Acquia DAM (Widen) access token, specify which asset categories to sync, and give it a name for how it displays in Outfit’s asset library.

Combine the power of Outfit’s brand management platform and Acquia DAM.