Optimizely + Acquia DAM

Create new web pages and get quick access to brand approved assets

Connect Optimizely DXP to Acquia DAM to access all up-to-date digital assets and build brand consistent customer experiences from start to finish. 

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Access Up-To-Date Digital Assets

  • Update digital assets in the Optimizely database.
  • Ensure digital assets on your site are up-to-date and meet rights management requirements by referencing them in Acquia DAM.
  • Optimizely DXP users have access to the all active digital assets based on their permissions in Acquia DAM.
illustration of a monitor with a check list and assets moving from side to side

How It Works

Create a drag-and-drop process allowing you to upload assets to any webpage created in Optimizely DXP.

  • Access and use Acquia DAM assets directly in the Optimizely platform via UI widget
  • Use Acquia DAM's metadata search to find assets in the website editor
  • Find what you need and drag-and-drop into your the WYSIWYG editor 
Keep your projects moving by integrating Optimizely and Acquia DAM.