OpenAI + Acquia DAM

Enhance and automate asset management capabilities with Acquia DAM and ChatGPT together.

Use Acquia DAM in tandem with ChatGPT to automatically generate alt text descriptions for enhanced search and accessibility.

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No Alt Text Description Left Behind

Harness Acquia's digital asset management (DAM) integration with ChatGPT for seamless alt text generation to ensure all your images are accessible and searchable.

  • Improve web accessibility of images uploaded to your DAM with auto-generated alt text
  • Optimize your images for search with automated, image-based alt text generation
  • Use image alt text across multiple locations

Search Optimized Product Descriptions

Acquia DAM with ChatGPT offers brand manufacturers, distributors, and retailers a cutting-edge solution to automate product descriptions using Generative AI.

  • Using your product attributes and keyword targets, AI generates compelling product descriptions
  • Set specific attributes like length, tone, and category, and let AI craft descriptions to choose from
  • Ensure your products are market ready faster than ever
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Combine the power of Acquia DAM and OpenAI.

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