OneDrive + Acquia DAM

Automate OneDrive file uploads to Acquia DAM with ease

The OneDrive to Acquia DAM integration creates a bridge between your OneDrive folder and Acquia DAM, streamlining the process of managing digital assets. This integration monitors a designated OneDrive folder for new files and automatically uploads them to Acquia DAM, creating either a new asset or a new version of an existing one. It's capable of mapping folder names to DAM metadata fields or upload profiles, and handling post-upload actions like moving files to specified folders. 

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File Sync Automation

Automatically upload new files from OneDrive to Acquia DAM, creating new or versioned assets.

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Metadata Mapping

Map OneDrive folder names to DAM metadata fields, streamlining asset categorization. 

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Post-Upload Management

Handle files post-upload by deleting or moving them to specific folders for organized asset management. 

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