Khoros + Acquia DAM

Easily incorporate digital assets into your customer experiences.

Khoros is a comprehensive digital customer engagement platform designed for brands to connect with their customers across various digital channels. Combining social media management, online community building, and customer support functionalities, Khoros helps businesses create meaningful relationships and deliver seamless customer experiences. By unifying different aspects of digital engagement, Khoros empowers brands to listen, respond, and measure their interactions in a cohesive manner.

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Easily access approved assets

Streamline content creation with Acquia DAM’s capabilities within the Khoros customer experience (CX) platform to increase productivity.

  • Quickly share images, videos, and text files across large teams

  • Access approved, on-brand content from the Acquia DAM within the Khoros UI

  • Save time downloading and reuploading with content syncing across platforms


How it works

Deliver compelling content across channel

  • Make it easier for distributed, enterprise teams to access and share digital asset

  • Retrieve and use Acquia DAM assets from within Khoros’ Publishing Dialogue interface

  • Select assets from the Acquia DAM to use in social posts and preview content in Khoros before publishing

Combine the power of Khoros and Acquia DAM