Jahia + Acquia DAM

Level-up your digital asset management for captivating digital experiences.

Jahia is a digital experience platform that combines content management, data marketing, and great integrations to deliver personalized customer journeys. Built on an open-source core, Jahia offers flexibility for developers while maintaining a user-friendly interface for marketers and content editors. By seamlessly integrating content and customer data, Jahia empowers businesses to create tailored experiences across various digital touchpoints.


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Enhance Asset management

Leverage Acquia DAM’s capabilities within Jahia’s digital experience platform (DXP) to search and access assets from one UI.
  • Have full control over your Acquia DAM and Jahia assets via the same UI
  • Real-time integrations ensure you’re always using the latest version of your content
  • Use Jahia’s asset analytics and event tracking to evaluate and optimize your Acquia DAM content for specific audiences


How it works

With the Acquia DAM and Jahia integration, you’re always using the latest version of your Acquia DAM content to create engaging visual experiences.
  • Use dynamic resizing tools to adjust your Acquia DAM images within Jahia and allow for lighter, faster pages
  • Browse and use Acquia DAM assets when composing digital experiences in the Jahia platform
  • Import metadata from the Acquia DAM directly into Jahia’s content management system (CMS) and extend it across search results, SEO, and more
  • Tailor Acquia DAM content to specific segments across your web experiences with Jahia personalization and A/B testing options


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Get started

To get started with this integration, use Jahia’s module framework to navigate to Modules & Extensions in your Jahia settings, search for Widen Picker (Acquia DAM), and download/start the module. Or visit the Jahia store to manually download the module and get access to other relevant integration documentation. 

See Jahia’s quick start install guide for more information.


Level-up your digital asset management for captivating digital experiences