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ACQUIA DAM + Hootsuite Integration

Easily find and use assets right from your social media management tool.


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Bridge the Gap Between Your Content and Social Media Teams


Connecting Acquia DAM with Hootsuite Media Library allows you to quickly locate approved images for social posts scheduled through Hootsuite. Combining the power of Acquia DAM and Hootsuite allows you to:

  • Search for images from within Hootsuite by using keywords or browsing via folders
  • Use the Hootsuite editor to quickly crop or resize images from the digital asset management (DAM) system using a standard meme generator
  • Add custom text overlays to Acquia DAM images with custom colors and fonts
  • Leverage the Acquia DAM asset permissions structure within Hootsuite

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This Hootsuite connector is free, easy to install, and available now with Acquia DAM.

Visit the Hootsuite app directory to install the Widen Collective Hootsuite connector (aka Acquia DAM Hootsuite connector) and follow these instructions to get started.

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See how you can use Acquia DAM and Hootsuite to share brand-building imagery on social media.

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