Highspot + Acquia DAM

Enable sales teams with the latest content.

Highspot is a sales enablement platform that equips sales teams with the tools and content they need to engage customers effectively. With features like content optimization, training modules, and advanced analytics, it helps companies drive sales performance and bolster revenue. By bridging the gap between sales and marketing teams, Highspot ensures that sales representatives have access to the most relevant, up-to-date materials, and insights to close deals efficiently.

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Stay in the know and up to date

Keep your teams aligned and organized with automatic syncing and real-time notifications. 
  • Maintain Acquia DAM as the single source of truth for your marketing content, including pitch decks, brochures, battlecards, videos, and more
  • Add content directly from Acquia DAM to Highspot and stay up to date with automatic version syncing
  • Receive notifications when synced assets are updated or deleted from Acquia DAM


How it works

An easy configuration in Highspot links the two systems to give permissioned users access to Acquia DAM assets from within Highspot’s UI.
  • Browse and search for Acquia DAM assets in Highspot
  • Automatically authenticate a user’s Acquia DAM account within Highspot without needing to log in to both systems
  • Synced files from Acquia DAM assume all standard Highspot functionality including item properties, share settings, organization options, and more

Get started

This integration can be enabled in your Highspot settings by connecting your Acquia DAM URL. For an easy set up, we recommend contacting your Widen representative to get started. Or if you’d prefer a DIY approach, help is available in Highspot’s Resource Center*.

* This site requires an account and is only accessible to current Highspot customers.

Combine the power of Highspot’s sales enablement platform and Acquia DAM.