GRIN + Acquia DAM

Use GRIN tags to upload creator content and metadata to Acquia DAM.

Grin is an influencer marketing platform designed to help brands manage and optimize their influencer campaigns from start to finish. It provides tools for discovering influencers, automating outreach, managing collaborations, and analyzing campaign performance. By centralizing these functions, Grin empowers brands to build authentic influencer relationships and maximize their return on influencer marketing efforts.

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GRIN and Acquia DAM integration, find, track, and re-purpose content

Manage Your Creator Content

Creator content helps you build more valuable brands. Our GRIN integration puts your creator content in the DAM system, alongside your other digital assets, for marketing and creative teams to incorporate into marketing campaigns

  • Tag a post in GRIN to sync the content and metadata to Acquia DAM
  • Sync the content of the post, the social influencer, file, details, and other campaign info
  • Sync new or updated content posted in the GRIN platform
    Do more with creator content by combining Acquia DAM and GRIN.